Chapter Leaders & Members


    President                                             Kenneth L. Robinson

                                        Vice-President                                    W. Lawton Brown

                                        Recording Secretary                          Charvis Gray

                                          Correspondence Secretary                Jerome Hudson

                                          Treasurer                                             Herman A. Jackson

                                          Financial Secretary                             Herman Jackson

                                          Director of Educational Activities    Jerome Hudson

                                          Membership Coordinator                  Michael Parker

                                          Historian                                              Travis Rice

                                          Associate Editor to the Sphinx         Justin Martin

                                          Chaplin                                                 Charvis Gray

                                          Immediate Past President                Hervery B. O. Young 


      Education Jerome Hudson 

                                         Budget                                 Herman Jackson

                                          Social                                                              Hervery Young

                                         Audit               Harold Cheatham

                                           Courtesy                              Charvis Gray

                                          Nominating     Sean Smith

                                          History                   Travis Rice

                                          Project Alpha Coordinator         Travis Rice

                                          RDL Educational Foundation         Kenneth Robinson

                                          Membership/Reclamation                         Michael Parker


W. Lawton Brown* Jerome Hudson   H. Bryan Riley*               Theodore Carter*                                Herman A. Jackson Kenneth L. Robinson*

Harold E. Cheatham                             Justin Martin Lorenzo A. Rothery

Winston C. Floyd         Darryl J. Mattison Sean Smith*

Charvis K. Gray                                     Rufus H. Mitchell James Tisdale Jr.*

Larry Gray                              Michael Parker* Kenneth A. Williams

Daniel Grisham Sr.* Joseph Reynolds Donald Malcom Williams

Patrick Harrison                 Travis B. Rice Hervery B. O. Young*

* Denotes Life Member